Kentucky's Most Complete Raccoon Removal Company!

Our Services


At KY Raccoon Removal Specialist we're happy to offer Kentucky's most complete raccoon removal service. Feel free to contact us with any raccoon or wildlife problem you might have.


Here's some the services we offer:


  • Raccoon Removal
  • Raccoon Trapping

  • Remove Raccoon in Attic

  • Remove Raccoon Feces

  • Replace Raccoon Damaged Insulation

  • Remove Raccoon in chimney

  • Remove Raccoon in Fireplace

  • Get Rid of Raccoons


About Us

We take pride in each and every Raccoon Removal project.


We believe in protecting you and your investments by removing the raccoon safely and quickly.  Our raccoon damage repairs will restore your property to its original state or improve upon the quality.  In fact, we take so much pride in our work that we have repair guarantee.  If the raccoons re-enter through our work we will remove them and repair the damages for FREE!  

​​​​​​​Ky Raccoon Removal Specialists

Meet The Owner

Our Goal


At KY Raccoon Removal Specialist our goal is provide our clients with the most humane and professional raccoon removal service.    Our raccoon removal specialist will be there with your every step of the process.  We will removal the raccoons, complete any waste removal and repair the damages they have caused.

Vince Cunningham


Training and Certifications

Wildlife and Forest Conservation Degree

National Wildlife Control Operator Course

AAAC Certified Wildlife Professional

AAAC Humane Certified Professional

NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control Operator