Raccoons in your attic may be kept away from your home or attic by trimming tree branches 10 feet from roof and by keeping climbing plants trimmed away from roof and eave areas. Keep in mind that raccoons are good climbers. Moreover, they are strong animals capable of seizing and pushing or pulling objects with considerable force. Usually raccoons are not inclined to break through walls or fences that are intact and in reasonably good condition. Entry is usually made through open, weak, or loose places.

A raccoons in your house should be removed immediately. If you suspect you have a raccoon in your attic, under porch, under sheds or utility building you should call one of our local Kentucky Raccoon Removal Specialist offices at  immediately. Our raccoon removal specialist  have the necessary training, licensing and skills to remove your nuisance raccoon and complete the necessary repairs and exclusion techniques stated above to keep raccoons out of your home or commercial business.

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raccoon in attic louisville
raccoon in attic louisville

Raccoons are lured to the urban areas throughout Kentukcy  because of the easy access to food, water, and shelter.  Reducing or eliminating the availability of these factors will encourage raccoons to leave and seek other habitat. Secure fitting lids should be kept on waste receptacles and trash cans in order to keep raccoons getting in your trash from gaining access.  To keep raccoon out of pet food, your pets should be fed during daylight hours and any leftovers removed immediately.  Also water bowls should be emptied or taken in at night.  Food should never be intentionally left out for wild animals. Especially if you suspect you may have raccoons in your yard or living under decks or storage buildings near your home.


In the urban areas of  Kentucky where raccoons become so numerous that they are a serious nuisance, they must be excluded or removed by a raccoon removal and control specialist. Since raccoons are classified as furbearers, a trapping license or a KY Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator license is required to remove raccoons.  Always ensure you or your Wildlife Control Technician has the proper licensing and permits required by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.  In urban areas, trapping with baited cage traps is the safest way to remove nuisance raccoons. There are no federally registered chemicals to control raccoons. Approved chemical repellents have not been found to be effective. You should never attempt to trap or remove a wild animal unless you have the necessary training and license to do so. If you suspect you have a raccoon in your attic, under porch, under sheds or utility building you should call our raccoon removal specialist immediately.

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